Fret Factor – Fingerboard Serum

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Born from working on a very dried out fingerboard in the shop…

Necessity being the Mother, etc… I just got tired of solutions that didn’t work (pardon the pun) and dove into a whirlpool of myth, legend, nonsense, bad information, wisdom, wit and science that led me to some serious research and Fingerboard Serum is the result. This stuff WORKS. It is great for cleaning but, more importantly, it is essential to keeping fingerboards looking great and for preventing them from drying out.

What it is and does:

  • Absorbed into the wood, any excess is wiped clean (doesn’t sit “on” the wood like so many products in the marketplace)
  • Doesn’t dry out
  • Doesn’t build up (self cleaning with each application)
  • All natural, plant based
  • No off odors (high in anti-oxidants which extend shelf life)
  • Very affordable
  • Makes your fingerboard looks great
  • Convenient 2 Ounce packaging with applicator tip
  • Good on Rosewood, Pao Ferro, Ebony (not intended for Maple/Lacquered boards)

What it isn’t:

  • Lemon oil. Funny thing about lemon oil is, it isn’t. Commercially available “lemon oil” is mostly mineral spirits which will strip the wood of its natural oils and do more damage than good. It also evaporates quickly, thus drying out the wood
  • Bore Oil. While I will admit that included in my research was a popular concoction called “bore oil” used in fine oboes, clarinets, and, yes, bagpipes. Most commercially available, bore oil contains those evil mineral spirits (aka paint thinner), are “greasy”, most smell funky and the best of the bore oils are damned expensive and hard to find
  • Wax or other commercial “snake oil” combinations (again, wax will sit “on” the fibers)
  • Boiled linseed oil, tung oil, varnish, or any other resin that will seal the wood. The same reason you don’t use latex paint on your fingerboard, wood needs to breathe
  • Vegetable oil (some web-wingnuts recommend “extra virgin olive oil”!) These oils quickly go rancid and smell like bad Mexican takeout was applied to your instrument and left to die

DO NOT INGEST! 2 ounces may not kill you but it will sure make you sick.

CAUTION: Contains Tree Nut Oils

This product is intended for use on guitar and bass fingerboards (ukulele, viol, mando and banjo too!) and is NOT for human consumption.