T.R. at the Tralf 7/2/2011

TR at the Tralf 7/11 –¬†We caught a glimpse of T.R. outside before the show …

Almost got to meet him but these guys started hawking him for autograph’s.

Coolest TR tale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGeDn3teKUM

There is a real long story I won’t go into but at Ringo’s All Starr’s 1992 at FLPAC Canandaigua, NY I had front row center seats (which I mysteriously won somehow) Todd and Nils Lofgren were trading off licks, I forget what tune it was. Anyway I was watching Nils who was walking out around the left side of the orchestra pit, Rhoda Collins (who was with me at the time, obviously) taps me on the shoulder … I turn my head there is Todd (who I didn’t see coming down the right side) in front of me shredding his guitar right in my face. I was like Ralph Kramden “Humina, humina, humina!”, I reached out and just touch Todd on the shoulder to make sure he was real! Side note – part of the contest prize (that I don’t remember entering) was getting to go to a before show party where Rhoda and I got to meet Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit.


Scott McCagg You know the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ thing? Ok, I am me, my brother Todd’s fishing buddy Stuart has a fellow that works at his company, Stuart Spector Design LTD, Harv Sorgen who was Todd Rundgren”s neighbor and the inspiration (for lack of a better word) for ‘Bang On The Drum’. Crap, I’m one short of six!