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Guitar, Bass, and Amp Repairs, Restorations and Mods 

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Guitar Repair

Restoring, Restrings, Refrets, New Pickups & More!

Bass Repair

Restoring, Moding, Input jacks, new tuners, a set up & more!

Amp Repair

Retubes, jack replacements, & more!

Hey, I'm Cozmo

I’ve been playing and fixing gear for over 50 years. Aside from doing my own stuff and some setups for buddies I’ve always had this penchant for buying old beat up gear, rehab’ing and either putting into my stable or selling. In 2010 I started doing more projects and now I have a bsement full of tools for almost any project.

"I was a bit apprehensive at first to have a stranger work on my guitar collection but after seeing Scott's craftsmanship and expertise in the final product, I have complete confidence in his abilities.

So far he's set-up a Jackson Randy Rhodes V and my old trustworthy Ibanez RG - both with tremelo systems; also reworking the frets on the RG which a "so-called" professional missed in previous set-ups.
This attention to detail alone with a quick turnaround make using Scott a no-brainer."
Chicago NW Side

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